Bachelorette Party Games

Quarters is playable with whatsoever number of people. Its commonly played with about 3 to 6 players. Everyone sites around a table then to decide who will go 1st, spin the quarter. After it stops, it'll be pointing at the person to start. Uuse Lincoln's nose or the Eagle's beak. At One Time based, the game begins.

The "shooter" tries to hit the quarter off the end of the table and into a cup. If the quarter goes into the glass, the shooter selects a person at the table to consume.

You all must decide the amount to drink. Which should be determinded at the start of the game to advioid cheating. When the shooter's turn is done and he/she does not make the quarter in the cup its time to pick a new shooter.

A way to make matters more fun, have all the rules developed by the shooters after they make 3 quarters into the cup in a row. Whoever breaks rules must drink!!

Anchor Man

Two teams sit on different sides of a table and try to make a quarter into a whole pitcher of beer. To start the game flip a coin, and make a team call heads or tails in the air. If correct that team starts.

Every Last team member shoots a quarter, trying to make it to land in the pitcher. All participants only shoots once per turn yet if they are successful in putting the quarter in the pitcher. Once everyone on the team shoots, the other team now shoots in order. The starting team to put all 4 of their quarters in the pitcher is the winner. Resulting in the losing team has to drink the pitcher entirely. But before they drink, the winning team must pick a new "Anchorman".


Everybody stands and take tuns tossing a dice at the wall.Keep track of home many times the number 1 comes up, the person who throws the 7th "1" picks a drink from the bar. Keep throwing the dice and soon as the person is 14th from throws a 1 has to drink the drink choosen from the 7th.


Once the 14th "1" has been thrown every time a one is thrown results in a die being taken away from play, this continues until the last dice is left. The lucky person who throws the 21th "1" gets to drink the one drink.