Pole Dance Classes &
Courses at Vixen Fitness

Pole Teaseer intro class

Intro class involves walks, poses, transitions and a beginner
spin total of 10 moves. You will learn how to perform each transition and move them in a sexy, but also simple routine that you can use as a daily workout routine or for that special someone.
Time: 1 hour / 8 people max
$25 one person
$40 Bring A Friend

Open pole nite

No instruction provided during this session. Instructor is present for spotting and safety purposes only.
Its open studio to past/current students and experienced dancers to practice. Must have pole dance experience. Pre-registration recommended. Drop-ins welcome.
Time: 1 hour / 7 people max
Unlimited for resurning members

Pole-tricks 101

You'll learn beginner combinations of transitions and spins without experience.
Time 1 hour / 12 people max
$25 per person

Pole Performanceing

We'll teach you a choreographed poledance performance without experience and all levels welcome.
Time 1 1/2 hours / 6 people max
$30 per person